We have helped companies from the top shelf in Danish industry. But we have also held a celebration for our neighbour.

A supercar consists of the sound, of the lines, which engineers have developed over decades, the engine’s amazing performance and the colour of the car, which together create a rush in your stomach when you’re behind the wheel. We always work from transferring that feeling to you and your relationships with the same precision and attention to detail that lies behind the development of a supercar when we organize a kick-off, meetings/conferences, product launches and employee events. If your brand has a direct or indirect interest in motorsport, or if it is automotive related, we are the safe choice for an unforgettable experience. See some of our cases here For the few locally or the many cross-borders We are based in central Copenhagen in an unique venue which is wrapped in motorsports-related decor with the possibility of running all kinds of events, either presentations, meetings, kick-offs, dinners or customer events. It is important for us that our customers and your customers get a WAUW effect when they enter our room. It must be experienced and we are pleased to welcome you inside and “kick some tires.” Please feel free to contact us here. With more than 5,000 laps on track with our own supercars throughout Scandinavia, we have extensive experience running events across the entire Nordic region. We organize events locally for the few in our own premises or across national borders for the many in external environment. Let us know your thoughts and we will return with a concept for you. This hyperlink